Handyman repair and services can be complicated. At times, there is a simple answer to your question though. Below are a few informative handyman repair questions we have received over the years. If you have any questions of your own, we would love to answer them. Contact us today for a free estimate or consultation and get your questions answerd and your problems solved.


HOW DO YOU CHARGE?  We can work by the job or by the hour. The assignments will generally dictate which.   Some home improvements are so varied that we can only give a ball park estimate and will only tackle on an hourly basis.   Larger projects ie shower replacement we can give a firm labor bid with a material estimate.

WHAT ARE YOUR RATES? Our hourly rate is $60.00 per hour.   Our experience has shown that our efficiency and experience makes us affordable and competitive.

DO YOUR FEES INCLUDE MATERIALS?  There will generally not be a charge for small miscellaneous stock items that we carry daily.  For example fasteners.   Larger estimated jobs,  fence replacement,  will include everything required to complete the project.

ARE YOU INSURED? Yes, we carry $ 2 million liability coverage with Colorado Casualty.   Insurance forms are available upon request.


DO YOU GIVE FREE ESTIMATES?  Some tasks are straight forward and we can give an over the phone “ball park range”.   More often and estimate requires us to be on site to determine the necessary materials and time.   We understand all customers have budget constrains,  and we try very hard to be transparent about costs and will work to stay within your budget.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS OF OPERATION?  Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8 am to 5 pm.   We will try to accommodate special circumstances.

WHY SHOULD I EMPLOY DENVER HANDYMAN REPAIR?  We are dedicated to understanding and prioritizing your needs and staying within your budget.  We strive to keep our customers informed as to the complexities and challenges of each project. Denver Handyman Repair has years of experience of finding and implementing practical solutions to maintenance and depreciation issues with residential and commercial property.  Although we have not seen every problem that can arise we have successfully provide solutions to most.

We are not licensed electricians or plumbers therefore if the task is outside our experience we will comfortably  say so!  We will make referrals in the appropriate situation.

We take pride in leaving our work area clean and neat, “no extra charge for foot prints”.


PLUMBING: leaky faucet repair, faucet replacement, sink replacement, garbage disposal troubleshooting and replacement, shower leaks and shower valve replacement.

ELECTRICAL: light fixture replacement, ceiling fan installation, light switch and outlet replacement, simple troubleshooting.

CARPENTRY: shelving, storage, door replacement(interior & exterior), exterior and interior trim, eave and soffit repairs.

REPAIRS: Decks, wood structured stairs, tile, grout

PAINTING: Although we are not contract painters. We will do touch-painting as required after drywall or trim repairs are made.

MAINTENANCE: door adjustments, window screens, air filters and evap coolers, gutter cleaning.

DRYWALL: We can make the necessary drywall repairs after water leaks or access holes have been made.

HOME SAFETY CONCERNS: We can advise and install handrails, grab bars and ramps.