There’s Life In The Old Deck Yet!

A Homeowner called me a couple of weeks back with an age-old problem; she really needed to have her deck renewed so that she could get out and enjoy the summer with her grandkids but there were just too many other pressures on her bank balance at the moment.

Ideally, she said, she would need to get several more years before completely rebuilding her deck but the bids she received were running her into hundreds of dollars that were already spoken for.

That’s where we came in. I went over to her place to make a thorough inspection (free of charge, of course) and found a deck that was under-built, had insufficient support and was constructed from materials unsuited to the sometimes extreme Colorado  environment.

The deck had separated from the house and dropped six inches, it was not stable or safe.  I could only guess at the condition and seriousness of the supporting structure.  After discussing the situation with the homeowner, we decided to proceed.

With the removal of several deck boards and the skirt boards, we could see that the ledger board was not rotted but separated due to insufficient fasteners. This was the easy part, jacking up the deck and lagging the header board to the house.

Once I got “under the hood” I also had real concerns about the deterioration of the deck joists.  I  had originally estimated replacing one or two joists but replaced several more. So, with the deck now being level and the deck boards secured, it is again usable and ready for a long hot summer of lazing around doing not very much at all..

I call things as I see them so the homeowner has been alerted that was a stop-gap measure and should be budgeting for the complete replacement but only when the time comes. And that’s because I was brought up to believe that you’re always better to fix stuff rather than throw it away without a second thought.